This Guy Hid 148 Marriage Proposals in Photos With His Girlfriend Over the Course of Five Months


When 38 year old Ray Smith from England decided to propose to his girlfriend Claire, he searched for a surprising and creative way to do it.

Initially he thought it would be a great idea to pop the question during a romantic hot air balloon ride but when his girlfriend found out she was pregnant, he came up with an even more original idea. During the first five months of her pregnancy, he asked her to pose with him for selfies and he managed to hide a little card with the words “Will you marry me?” in each and every one without her noticing.

The result? A stunning series of candid shots with exactly 148 marriage proposals. Check it out.

“It was pretty difficult,” says Ray about his long road to marriage.

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“I always had to be two steps ahead of her, like I had to take two shots each time – one with the note and one without so that if she asked to see a photo I could show it to her without having to make up bizarre excuses.”

“I didn’t suspect anything. It just went right over my head,” says Claire. “He told me that he was collecting memories for our baby. I was surprised, but when I think about it now in hindsight, that’s just the kind of person he is. Romantic and surprising.”

Of course, when things got going and Ray got good at it, he started having fun and taking risks, like in the photo below.

In the end, when Christmas came, Ray decided to take his idea to the next level and turn it into a real marriage proposal. He edited all of the photos into a video slideshow, which you can see at the end of the post. He sat Claire down in front of the laptop and when the video was over he pulled out a ring.

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“I said yes immediately. I didn’t need to think for a moment.”

And here are a few more of our favorites photos from Ray’s proposal escapades 🙂

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