20 Brilliant Ads and Billboards That Will Make You Look Twice.


1Brilliant Ads

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Among the oceans of ads that surround us on a daily basis online, on the radio, on TV and in the newspaper, only a tiny portion are really excellent, capable of transmitting a message that sticks with us. Most of these successful campaigns are trying to sell us something and the success of their ads can no doubt be attributed to the generous budget they had to work with. But every once in awhile, a spectacular ad comes out of an organization that isn’t looking to put their hands in our pockets. Instead, they want to make the world a little bit better.

These kinds of ads, which work to promote some kind of social issue such as prevention of violence against women and children, rights for people with disabilities, or environmental protection, are typically not as prominent. But in the rare instances when they do manage to do a good job getting their message across, the results can be particularly moving. We’ve collected 20 brilliant ads that will get you thinking about what is really important. Check it out.

Technology vs. Domestic Abuse

The selfies that shouldn’t be. 

Sweet kills. An ad for raising awareness about diabetes.

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A particularly graphic way to remind people about the risks of smoking.

Donate blood. Fill someone’s heart.