25 Brilliant and Useful Inventions That Will Make Everyone’s Lives Easier


How many times in your life have you been sitting around with a bunch of friends and come up with a brilliant plan for something that will definitely make millions? In most cases, these ideas fizzle out faster than the bubbles in the beer you were drinking when you thought them up in the first place, either because you find out that the inventions already exist, or because you understand that you’re too lazy to get anything started in the first place, no matter how brilliant your idea really was.

This next series of photos shows some seriously brilliant inventions that just might get your juices flowing. The inventions are clever, useful and will make everyone’s lives just a little bit easier.

Are you sick and tired of washing your coffee mug? Do you hate going to the bathroom in the middle of a movie at the theater cause you’re afraid you’ll miss the best part? Do you hate not knowing when the light will change? It turns out that there’s a solution to all these problems. Check it out.

Scotch tape that can be removed with ease using the ribbon that runs down the center. 

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Movie theaters with screens in each bathroom stall so you don’t miss any of the movie.


A special spoon that lets you reach the corners.

An edible coffee cup

cup with a circular divit to catch all the drips

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A movie theater with these kinds of seats

A 360 degree electrical outlet for multiple plugs

A traffic light that shows you how long you have left to wait.

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A USB wall plug for fast charging without an adapter

A lighted wall outlet so you can plug things in even in the dark.

A GPS tag that connects to your keys, wallet, or any other item that might get lost and lets you find the exact location of your item using your smartphone. 

A special pen that scans colors and lets you use them to paint.

An automatic pizza machine

Special benches with handles that ensure that you always have a dry place to sit.

Staircases with slides on the side. 

A modular electrical strip that lets you add and remove outlets. 

An extension outlet. 

A parking lot with lights that turn red when the space is occupied and green when it’s available. 

Baskets that attach to trash cans to encourage people not to litter.


Do you have confidential information on your thumb drive? No worries, you need a key to get into this one. 

A backpack with a hood. 

A device that charges your phone using the heat/cold coming off your drink.


A special solar phone charger. 

A payment machine that takes bottles and gives you cash. 

A hairbrush where the bottom comes out for easy cleaning. 

Headphones with a zipper function so they don’t get tangled.


USB chargeable batteries

Bike stands that fold into the sidewalk

Wet Floor signs that look like banana peels

Via: Distractify