30 Awesome Ideas That Need to Be Everywhere Right Now


Life in 2017 is pretty easy. Products are available at the click of a button and are built for ease of use, making it really difficult to find things to complain about. But between the earbuds perfectly tailored to the shape of your ears and the elevators that announce what floor you’re on so you won’t (gasp!) have to lift your eyes from the screen of your phone, there are a few problems left that you probably haven’t even thought about. They’re tiny. Really. But don’t you worry. Someone has found a solution.

So here are 30 super brilliant products and devices that will make your life even easier. Maybe a little too easy?

Traffic lights that project red or green lights so you won’t have to look up to see that it’s time to walk. 

The train station in Beijing lets you pay for your fare using plastic bottles. 

Math homework with a QR code that takes the student to a lesson on the subject that the teacher put on YouTube

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This store lets you choose: Orange basket if you’d like assistance and green if you’re alright on your own. 

This store sells winter clothing and has a winter simulator built right in that lets you try out the gear before you buy it. 

This dentist has Where’s Waldo on the ceiling to entertain his patients while he works.

A chair with a bag hook built right in.

Is the bench wet? No worries. Turn the handle for a fresh side. 

This sticker tells you when the avocado is ready. 

This library lets you rent cake pans.

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This sign goes from “Close” to “Open” with one quick spin

Have you got your hands full? No problem. You can pick your floor with your feet. 

The airport has a pet bathroom for people who happen to be flying with their furry friends.  

This table has peddles to allow kids to get out energy and focus on the lesson

Instead of an empty cardboard roll, this toilet paper has removeable rolls with more toiletpaper that you can use on the go. 

The music won’t play until the drive puts on their seatbelt. 

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This tie has a built-in microfiber lining for cleaning your mobile device. 

Transparent highlighters let your see what you’re highlighting.

The blinkers and brake lights are on the biker’s jacket too. 

Rental cars in Ireland remind you which side of the road to drive on. 

Skateboard parking at a school.

The tables at this restaurant have a spot for their french fry cones. 

Trash cans with a space for bottles so people don’t have to dig to get them. 

A picnic bench for all ages

Japanese toilets that play sound to make sure no one hears your business. 

A cash machine that lets you choose your bills. 

A black towel for taking off your makeup to make sure the white towels don’t get ruined.

A shower faucet that tells you the water temperature

The bathroom at the supermarket lets you test all of the different kinds of toilet paper. 

This hotel will read you stories before bed. 

This sensor lets you open the bathroom door without touching the dirty handle.

Via: BoredPanda