The Incredible Moment When 38 Beagles Were Released From a Laboratory and Saw Grass For the First Time


Until a few weeks ago, these sweet canines were living out their sad lives in cages at testing laboratories across the United States. Beagles are considered to be some of the calmest dogs there are – they’re super friendly and easy to care for without a hint of aggression, three characteristics that unfortunately make them very easy to use for experimentation. Even sadder is the fact that when they are no longer of use to the labs, most of them are put down.

The Beagle Rescue Project has spent years trying to release beagles from these horrific laboratories. Recently, members of the organization went on a mission to release beagles around the country and managed to save 38 of them. Each and every one of them was adopted by happy families who welcomed the pups with open arms.

The sweet video shows the moment that the pups were finally allowed out of their cages and shows a collection of home videos filmed by their new families showing the beagles seeing grass for the first time and running around and playing like normal dogs should.

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“Beagles of all ages got a new chance at life and got a chance to renew their faith in humans and receive the unconditional love that they deserve,” said the organization’s spokesman. “Many of them were very excited to come out of their cages and play, smell and run just like dogs are supposed to, but some of them still suffer from post-traumatic stress. We hope that the warmth and love that they will receive from their new families will help them to heal and be happy.”