This Couple Meant to Post Their Engagement Shot on Facebook But They Accidentally Posted Way More Than That


The Internet is an incredible thing, it gives us access to everything we ever wanted to know, and it’s all at our fingertips. But sometimes, the internet reveals a little too much. And try as we might, it can be hard to keep anything a secret in this day and age.

Ideally, we should all employ professional sensors to filter the stuff we post to make sure our personal life isn’t incessantly plastered all over the place. But until that becomes a reality, we highly recommend that you have a seat and learn from this next couple’s experience.

The happy couple in this post (whose identities have been hidden for reasons that will soon become clear) decided that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Or at least, that’s what they wanted everyone on Facebook to think. And as is customary today, they announced their engagement on Facebook:

And because no engagement post is complete without a photo, this couple added one too. Unfortunately, it was worth a little more than a thousand words…

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And soon after they posted it, the comments started flying in…

The future bride is confused, though, and can’t understand how her Facebook friends figured it out… 

It takes her a minute, but she figures it out eventually.  

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And she takes the opportunity to share their other happy news, too.  

And the moral of the story? Always double check before you post. 

Via: BoredPanda