This Photographer Captured Dogs as Puppies and Then Again in Their Wise Old Age


4Corvette: 2 years and 11 years

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Amanda Jones, a professional photographer, spent the past 20 years on an incredible and unprecedented project entitled “Dog Years: Faithful Friends Then & Now”. She tried to show just how quickly our best friends’ lives fly by. Amanda visited her models as puppies and stayed in touch until their noble faces turned white.

So yes, we all know that dogs age way too quickly – about 7 times as fast as we do -but this photo project manages to really show the grace and beauty these dogs radiate as they reach old age, and not just the sadness that many of us know all too well that comes with losing a creature you’ve raised for 10 or 12 or even 15 years.

We invite you to take a look at the gallery and give your own dog a great big hug.

Corvette: 2 years and 11 years

Brisco: 1 year and 10 years

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Poppy: One year and 7 years