35 Hilarious Animals Who Just Don’t Give a Damn


As a general rule, animals tend to behave in a certain manner dictated by nature. Cheetahs are fast, for example, Orcas are violent, dogs are fluffy and cats are the devil. But every once in awhile, something goes wrong in the production line and instead of say, becoming a fierce hunter or a stealthy herbivore, the animals are lackadaisical sacks of fur.

While it remains unclear if the characteristic is the result of years of yoga and the practice of Zen or if they were just born that way, one thing’s for sure – apathetic animals are hilarious. From dogs to goats, from cats to capybaras, we’ve got 33 pictures of animals who frankly, don’t give a damn. Check it out:

He just doesn’t give a duck. 

When you’re s’posed to be swimming but floating is so much easier. 


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This goat. 

This chicken knows how to get what she wants. 

It’s like a birdy amusement park ride. 


“I shall sit…HERE.”

Capybaras – nature’s couch. 

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“Go fetch!” 

“No, thank you.”


Best seat in the house.

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“I’m taller.”

“Oh that guy? That’s Ralph. He’s cool.”

“I shall sit here. And here. And here.”

THUG LIFE: bubble style.

“Sir, if we could, perhaps, switch beds…?”


“Work human! WORK!”

“Mine! Mine! Mine!”

“I could get use to this!”


“I’m okay with this.”

“Just chillin'”

“This is what I think of you.”

“Pizza: Both delicious and comfy.”

“This is my stop.”

“Hello sir, have you heard about Jesus Christ?”


Beach bum.

“I live on the edge.”