20 Couples Who Found Totally Original Ways to Announce That They’re Expecting


As soon as you find out you’re having a baby, there are about a million things you need to take care of before your little bundle of joy arrives. You will spend months tirelessly laboring to pick out the right doctors, the right furniture, the right paint colors for the nursery and fill every waking hour with baby books that usually only leave you more confused.

But the first thing on your plate when you find out you’re expecting can often feel like the most important – how do you announce? If you going to have a baby and you haven’t yet let the cat – or the baby – out of the bag, we have a whole bunch of super creative ideas for you right here. And even if you’re not, these are pretty cute, so stick around.

We all know what it means when one of our girlfriends refuses to drink alcohol when we go out. 

We always thought the little Starbucks espresso cups were cute 🙂  

Simple and adorable.  

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A beach-loving couple shows off their shoes in their favorite location. 

When the gamer couple has a little gamer of their own. 

This couple turned their pregnancy announcement into a seriously awesome movie poster.


Simple and sweet. 

These gym rats are flying high. 

These parents took advantage of their visit to Disneyland with their daughter to announce their pregnancy. 

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But you don’t need to go all the way to Disneyland. You can do just as well with a few props from the comfort of your own home. 

Nothing says sweet like a soon-to-be big brother’s drawing.  

Life’s a game.  

Someone doesn’t look happy about the new addition. 

Some people like to be prepared.

Cute (but not safe!)

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A perfect announcement for anyone who loves their car. 

Nothing screams “pregnancy” like pickles and ice cream. 

Sweet cupcakes that definitely get the message across.  

And the most elegant of all – mom and dad holding an ultrasound photo of their twins.


Via: Buzzfeed