25 Before & After Transformations Of People Who Quit Drugs


Drug addiction is a plague that can turn lives upside down. Drugs don’t just destroy the body, they are poison for the soul. It can be pretty easy to identify a drug addict in the street. They are often emaciated, with an empty look in their eyes, sores on their faces and a visible sense of desperation. And while we’ve all seen before and after photos of people who once looked normal and then started using drugs, we rarely get a chance to see the incredible transformation of people who have managed to get clean.

This next series of 25 photos shows drug addicts before and after rehab. The “before” photos are hard to look at. The “after” photos, though, show beautiful, healthy looking young people that you would never believe ever had a problem. How’s that for an inspirational post?

4 years clean from meth and heroin1

8 months after getting clean from heroin2

10 years without crystal meth3

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This is what 826 days without heroin looks like4

6 years without heroin5

6 years without cocaine and heroin. 6

8 months clean7

More than 3 years clean and awake.8

4 years and 4 months after rehab.9

6 months clean from meth and heroin10

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6 years free and clean of opiates11

One year without heroin12

Clean from hard drugs and a food addiction too.13

5 years without heroin15

5 years without heroin, cocaine and ecstasy 16

106 days after starting rehab17

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9 months clean from meth and heroin18

One year without meth19

10 months clean from crystal meth20

90 days without meth21

5 years clean from meth22

147 days clean from meth23

9 months clean24

4 years clean from meth and opiates25

2 years with no drugs. 26

2 years, drug free27