This is What the Best Job in the World Looks Like


Back when we were little, we all had some kind of fantasy about having our very own panda bear (or unicorn, or monkey, or whatever). But alas, we were reminded again and again by the world around us that it simply wasn’t realistic. Pandas have been endangered species since before we were born (and unicorns apparently don’t exist and monkeys are dangerous maniacs).

And yet, there are people out there who managed to fulfill that childhood dream. The girl in this next video spends her time in the presence of panda bears as part of the volunteer work that she does at the international panda reserve which is located in a beautiful nature reserve in Sichuan, China. Her responsibilities include feeding and cleaning the fluffy little creatures, playing with them, and, the most important part of the job, hugging and cuddling the baby pandas.

Surprisingly, even though most of us would switch with her in a heartbeat and do her job for free, the “volunteers” at the panda reserve make a pretty decent salary of around 200,000 Yuan (about $28,000) per year and have access to a car service that brings them to and from work every day. Unfortunately, they aren’t hiring right now, but you are certainly invited to stalk them a little and wait for a job opening to pop up.

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