32 People Who Turned Their Birthmarks into Super Clever Tattoos


Almost everyone has at least one birthmark somewhere on our bodies. But for some people, they can be prominent, huge or dark and can be the source of some serious self-consciousness. While there are various treatments that promise to fade birthmarks or remove them altogether, some people learn instead to embrace their natural born beauty and even find a way to draw attention to their birthmarks.

This next series of photos shows 32 people who used their birthmarks as the backdrop for some seriously brilliant tattoos. Some are cute, some are funny and some are downright stunning. If you’ve ever fretted about one of your beauty spots, maybe you’ll be inspired by these people’s ability to find the beauty in everything or maybe you’ll be inspired to get some ink yourself. Have a look:

This guy turned his massive birthmark into the map of an imaginary world.


The Magic Land of Birthmark2

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A bouquet of peonies cover a red birthmark3

B is for Birthmark4

A little dark but definitely creative5

This birthmark turned into an owl in a cage.6

This wooly mammoth is actually wooly. 7

A deep sea turtle where a brown birthmark used to be.8


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She always thought her birthmark looked like a nice patch of sand.10

A pink rose that looks like a watercolor masterpiece.11

Mr. Potato head never looked so good. 12

Well, that’s one way to take care of a clearly very huge and bothersome tattoo. 


He must be really patriotic.14

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Your own little island.15

Spot-on. 16

A spectacularly intricate wolf17

Minimal and perfect.18

The cover art for Neutral Milk Hotel’s “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea”19

Gorgeous coverup. 20

For the horse lover.21

Don’t cover your burn scar, put it on display!22

A unique, minimalistic way to cover a chest scar.23

Looks like his flesh was ripped by a tiger. 24

A Native American theme with gorgeous blue.25

Inspired by Pokemon.26

What would Michael Jordan do?28

Some more flowers29

A dragon climbing his arm.30

Put it front and center.31

Carrots to cover up a… …carrot shaped birthmark?32

Pretty spiffy. 33

Via: BoredPanda