This Girl Was Shamed Publicly All Over the Internet But Her Boyfriend’s Amazing Response Stopped the Haters in Their Tracks


Who is the sweetest couple you know? No matter who they are, we’ve got a couple that’s even sweeter. They’re so amazing, it’s hard not to be jealous. Tre Booker and his girlfriend Madison, a couple of American high school students recently attended their senior prom together.

Just like any other couple in high school, they got totally decked out for the high school tradition – Madison wore a sequined gown, Tre had a tux with a matching flower in his lapel.

Before they headed out for the big night, they stopped to take a few photos. Madison posted the photos on her Twitter account with the caption “Prom with the love of my life”

Among the various responses she received from her supportive group of friends, there was a nasty comment from a total stranger: 

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Gross, right? But somehow despite the nastiness, Madison managed to respond respectfully and gently to her hater: 

And then, her boyfriend came into the picture offering his own purely positive response: 

The internet went absolutely wild for Tre’s dedication and love after he posted sweet tweet after sweet tweet. 

Even some that showed what a softy he is 😉

He landed thousands of shares and hundreds of thousands of likes. The internet went nuts and even joined in, offering Madison their support. 

Aside from giving everyone a lesson on how to behave towards your girlfriend and how to shut down the trolls and the haters, this high schooler also managed to teach a lot of young girls that they shouldn’t settle for anything less than awesome.  Via: BoredPanda

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