Brain vs. Heart: This Clever Cartoon Series Shows What’s Really Going On When We Try to Make Decisions


31Brain vs. Heart

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We all know about the rivalry that exists between our brains (a source of logic) and our hearts (a source of passion and emotion, at least figuratively). Our brains tell us to make rational, calculated decisions, while our hearts tell us that it’s a great idea to say “I love you” on the first date.

Nick Seluk, illustrator and creator of the successful comics website “The Awkward Yeti”, created the funny and on-point webcomic known as Heart and Brain which brilliantly shows the constant conflict that exists between logic and emotion that drives every single decision we make.

Should you clean up your room? Or spend three hours playing PlayStation? Should you take care of that thing your boss asked for? Or should you burn an hour watching cat videos on Facebook? Should you blow your paycheck in one day? Or save for the future? We’ve collected 30 of our favorite cartoons that depict these all-too-familiar battles between the heart and the mind. If you love them as much as we do, the cartoonist has even published as a book of his cartoons that you can get here. Enjoy!