20 Brilliant Inventions That Need to Be Everywhere Right this Minute


The world is an ever-changing place filled with ideas so great, it’s hard to fathom. Inventions around us continue to simplify our lives (or make them more fun, or more complex, or more exciting) every single day. While we have yet to find the cure for cancer or an end-all solution for poverty, and somehow no one has discovered how to make three hours of sleep feel like eight, but there are all kinds of things happening around us that remind us that there are little bursts of brilliance everywhere. Here are 20 products, designs and signs that make our lives just a little bit better:

This elevator lets riders choose their floor even when their hands are full – using their feet!

This simple but amazing method for showing curious visitors what a destroyed structure looks like.  

This coffee is a tribute to Salvador Dali

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The best way to prevent annoying sales people from bugging you while you shop – one color basket if you need help and a different color that says “no thanks”.

This brilliant DVD cover.

Looking for a toothpick? It’s in your fork.

This isn’t a hanging guitar. It’s the coolest doorbell you’ve ever seen. 

The insanely creative outside of a guitar store. 

This bench fits all your sitting or working needs. And it also looks awesome. 

In this home for people with Alzheimer’s, the door looks like a library so the patients won’t try to escape. 

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A bench and a table for any size. Pretty brilliant. 

Some training wheel chopsticks. Just in case.

This cup o’ noodles has holes to pour out the water once the noodles are cooked.  

This store window sign goes from closed to open by moving just one letter.  

Just flip the sign 180 degrees and install it based on which direction you’re looking for. 

This church shows that Jesus loves green energy too with a solar panel crucifix.  

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These mango stickers tell you when the mango is ready to eat.  

This bike locking bar has a tire pump built right in. Brilliant. 

Via: Buzzfeed