40 Brilliant Packaging Ideas With the Most Creative Designs You’ll Ever See (PICTURES)


They say that good things come in small packages. But that is, of course, a lie. Good things come in all kinds of packages, or without packaging at all. So enough of that nonsense saying. Also, good packages come in…um…all kinds of packages. And do we have the gallery to prove it.

This next series of 40 pictures shows the work of some brilliant marketing executives somewhere in the world who definitely got a raise for their insanely creative ideas. And we think they totally deserve it. Check it out:

Yarn in lamb packaging

Hair pins

Light bulbs that come in an ice cream cone

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An egg container showing a chicken laying an egg

Notebooks that match the kids’ clothing in the picture

A butterfly teabag 

A smiley pack of gum

A pack of high protein buns showing off some serious abs

Colored socks that look like paintbrushes


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“Blood of Grapes” wine in a bottle shaped like a human heart. 


A creative headphones case


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Interesting packaging for edible chocolate


Puzzle shaped sugar cubes


Dog poop bags


Minty candies in a creative container


Tea hangers

Light bulbs in an egg carton

Dog treats that show how smiley your dog will be


Tissue boxes


Gorgeous pasta boxes


Cupcakes, straight out of the oven

Adorable breakfast cereal containers


Cute cotton swabs


Smart rope packaging


A delicious swiss army knife 🙂 


The cutest vitamin box we’ve ever seen.


Cute headphone packaging


Baking box that turns into a cute hat


Towels in pencil packaging.

Pet food

Hair scrunchies

Via: Buzzfeed