20 Brilliant Urban Designs That NEED to Be Installed in Every City


So it turns out that there are a few cities around the world where the municipality actually spends time bettering the lives of its residents instead of just passing out parking tickets. Some clearly very passionate designers have created a series of incredible designs that make everyone’s lives a little easier and a little prettier while they’re at it.

We’ve collected 20 surprising and creative ideas that already exist in cities around the globe. They integrate green design and beauty seamlessly in public benches, stop lights, public chargers and more. Have a look for yourself.

This public bench that’s on its way to becoming a garden. 

A public ecological wifi hotspot based on solar energy with light, seating and a garden. 

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This mirror fence reflects the view in front of it and changes with the seasons and weather. 

This bike path lights up with thousands of tiny LEDs charged with solar panels inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night. 

This stoplight has a built in visual timer that tells you how long until the light changes. 

Special benches that can be rotated to reveal a dry side after it rains. 

These ads are more than just signs – there’s a bench, an umbrella and a ramp.  

This public bench which doubles as a desk. 

These tulip chairs. Beautiful and functional. 

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A pizza vending machine. Yes please.  

Want to make people relax? Public hammocks for all.  

This public bus stop has swings instead of benches. Now you won’t mind if the bus is late.  

Entertainment everywhere 

Public charging stations for charging your smartphone or tablet.  

Putting your trash in the trash can is fun.  

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Public benches that protect the trees.  

Stairs with slides. For the kid in all of us.  

Parking garages with an automatic lighting system – green means available parking.  

A bike rack that folds down flush with the sidewalk when it’s not in use.