This Sweet Pup’s Response to Finding Out She is Cancer-Free Will Make You Wag Your Tail With Joy


Lily, a beautiful golden retriever, wasn’t feeling great, so her owners took her to the veterinary hospital. After a series of tests, veterinarians found a massive tumor on Lily’s spleen which had caused severe, life-threatening internal bleeding.

After receiving a blood transfusion and being stabilized, the doctors reported the terrible findings – Lily needed surgery to remove the tumor and even after the surgery, chances were that she wouldn’t have more than a couple of months to live since the type of tumor Lily had was almost always malignant. Even worse, they said, was the fact that in their 25 years of work, they had never once seen a case that wasn’t malignant.

Despite the pessimistic prognosis and the serious financial costs associated with the complicated operation, Lily’s owners decided to empty their piggy banks to send her in for the procedure during which doctors removed a 6 pound (!!) tumor. They sent a sample for testing to determine if it was cancer. And that’s when they found out – (here comes the twist!) – the tumor was benign and Lily would live. 🙂

In this wonderful and moving video, Lily’s owner sits her down for a dramatic chat to give her the results of the lab test. After seeing the video you’ll see that it’s hard to argue that Lily doesn’t understand every single word, and it is nothing short of magical. Enjoy!

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