17 People Who Look EXACTLY Like Famous Cartoon Characters


1The grandmother from the Tweety Bird cartoons

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Some people believe that everyone has a doppelganger – a genetically unrelated, complete stranger somewhere in the world who looks just like us. Some lucky folks have celebrity dopplegangers, some unlucky ones that we’ve found, look just like cartoons.

Yep. You got it, we’ve collected a whole album worth of people who look just like famous cartoon characters (or maybe of cartoons who look just like real people?). And no. We’re not talking about Halloween costumes or Comic Con. We’re talking about people who waltz through life looking like cartoons. Without even trying.

And another thing we’d like to mention before we start – just to make sure we’re on the same page – these cartoon characters aren’t the sexy ones like Jasmine or Hercules (yeah, I said it). So prepare yourselves. Here we go: