This Cat Falls Asleep In Front of an iPad Every Night and the Reason Will Break Your Heart


Historically, cats and dogs are not exactly the best of friends. Chance meetings between members of the two species end in hissing, scratching, barking or biting in the best case scenarios, and full on cartoon-style chase scenes in the worst. But despite their natural-born instincts, there are a few conditions under which a relationship between the creatures can blossom, namely when they meet as puppies and kittens like in this next story.

A few months back, one long time user of the popular image sharing site Imgur posted this next series of photos, and after you read the story behind it, you just might need a tissue.

Two weeks ago, my dog Charlie died after a battle with cancer. My cat scout loved Charlie more than anything in the world.

She wanted to be around him all the time. They were best buds.

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He was so gentle with her and let her do anything she wanted.

They’d even eat their meals together. She loved smelling his ears.

Anywhere he went, she was right there with him.

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Since he’s been gone, I’ve put the ipad on his dog bed and played videos of him for her. 

She watches, then curls up next to the ipad.

She, and I miss our big, sweet guy so much.

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