This Series of Photos Tries to Imagine What Famous Celebrities Will Look Like When They’re Old


1Imagine how Famous Celebrities Will Look Like When They’re Old

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One of the biggest fears that preoccupies all of us is the fear of growing old. It doesn’t matter how much we try to deny it, our lives fly by and it feels like each birthday pops up faster than the last. In a world with an entire industry based on keeping us looking young – from plastic surgery to make-up to creams and potions meant to scare away the wrinkles – we have plenty of ineffective solutions that will have you spending every cent you make to try and stay young forever.

A group of graphic designers and Photoshop artists from around the web collaborated to create this fantastic series of photos that imagine how famous celebrities that we all know and love will look in a few decades when old age takes over. As you can see from this surprising and mesmerising gallery, the future looks pretty bleak.

We’ve collected 20 of our favorite old celebrities and you’re welcome to take a look, enjoy the Photoshop artwork, and let us know which celebrity you think looks the most believable.

Christina Aguilera