From Caterpillars to Butterflies: 22 Unbelievable Celebrity Puberty Transformations


We’re used to seeing our favorite stars looking flawless, dressed to a T, without a single blemish or stray lock of hair. But long before they were walking the red carpet and performing on stage, they were normal kids, just like we were.

This next series of photos shows 22 famous stars long before they were famous. And as you’re about to see, they owe puberty a serious “thank you”. Check it out.

Julia Robertscelebrity transformations

Tom Cruise celebrity transformations

Zooey Deschanel celebrity transformations

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Jennifer Aniston celebrity transformations

Chris Prattcelebrity transformations

Sarah Jessica Parker celebrity transformations

Elvis Presley celebrity transformations

Keira Knightley celebrity transformations

Kurt Cobain  celebrity transformations

Kate Moss celebrity transformations

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Jake Gyllenhaal  celebrity transformations

Nicole Kidmancelebrity transformations

Matthew Lewis  celebrity transformations

Megan Foxcelebrity transformations

Taylor Swiftcelebrity transformations

Zac Efron 

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Victoria Beckham celebrity transformations

Jennifer Garnercelebrity transformations

January Jonescelebrity transformations

George Clooneycelebrity transformations

Chelsey Clintoncelebrity transformations

Kristen Stewart celebrity transformations