This Octopus Was Sure That His Dinner Plans Were Set But Then This Happened


Somewhere, under the surface of the ocean, there is an entire world of animals and more drama than a Kardashian Christmas. But it’s rare to get a glimpse of all that entertainment, considering the aquatic environment. That was, until now.

In this next video, a pair of divers off the coast of Monterey, California captured a spectacular sight – a life and death struggle between a hungry octopus and a terrified little crab making every effort to escape. Initially, the octopus is unrelenting and the crab can’t manage to find a way to escape. But then, just when it seems like the octopus is finally going to enjoy its meal, there’s a total plot twist.


According to the divers the Harbor seal who spared the crab from imminent death is a friend of theirs named “Whiskers”. The bright and (usually) friendly creature tends to follow the divers when they’re diving and uses their dive lights to hunt for food.

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