This Dad Tattooed a Cochlear Implant on His Head So That His Deaf Daughter Wouldn’t Feel Alone


Charlotte, a sweet little 6 year old from New Zealand, recently underwent a second operation to insert a cochlear implant – a special kind of hearing aid that is inserted surgically to help with certain types of deafness. Since she was born, Charlotte had been suffering from severe hearing loss and had to undergo her first operation when she was just 4. The implant includes a special structure that transmits sound waves to the bones of the skull and is attached to a special electrode that goes inside the ear canal, acting as a sort of bionic ear and allowing Charlotte to hear sound, understand speech and even listen to music.

But to make sure that she wouldn’t feel different, and in order to help her recover from the operation and feel better about herself, Alastair Campbell, Charlotte’s dad, decided to do something that most people would never consider. Her dad bravely shaved his head and had a cochlear implant permanently tattooed on his scalp – one that looks just like his daughter’s. 

“We have a close father-daughter bond,” says Campbell. “I thought it would be quite fitting for me to do that. As she grows older, she’ll understand the love behind it.”

According to Charlotte’s mom, Anita, Charlotte was very introverted before he got the tattoo. Now though? Now she’s the life of the party. Anita is also hearing impaired and has a cochlear implant and Charlotte’s brother Louis has a hearing aid.

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Alastair’s hair grows back in every so often so he makes sure to shave his head every time Charlotte needs a morale boost. “The cochlear implant changed her life and gave her the gift of hearing and there’s no one happier than I am about that,” he added.