There’s Something Wrong With Each One of These Hilarious Photos


Every day, we see things that we don’t fully process. We simply don’t have enough time or mental space to pay attention to every last detail of the things that we see. Thisnext post contains way too many examples of things that you have to look at for way too long to process properly and they are absolutely hilarious. Check it out:

Fish keep disappearing… 

“Maybe, if I stay really still, they won’t notice I’m here.”

“Standing on one leg is harder than it looks.”

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I believe in PDFs.

Yum, yum, yum. 

Giant mini oreos!?! Oh god, no. 

“Ah, public transportation.” 

What do you mean I’m adopted? 

Well, they didn’t specify…

I have found heaven, and it’s as wonderful as they say it is. 

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It’s time for new clothes. 

This is why reading is important.

In some lectures, this is just as effective as a laptop. 

That’s one way to convince your kids to eat their veggies. 

Corgi heaven.

It’s been two weeks and they haven’t noticed. 

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The perfect disguise!

They’ll never find me here!

Look! I’m a hat! 

The beagle squad!

Smoked bacon. 

That’s one really smart pooch. 

That’s right. They’re drawings. 

This is my family. 

Believe it or not, there’s a cat in this photo. 

It took us a second.  

Via: BoredPanda