This Dog’s Response When His Owners Refuse to Give Him a Bath is Hysterical


Anyone that owns a dog knows how hard it is to convince the creature to take a bath. It starts with the look of panic in their eyes as soon as they get wind of what it is you’re planning, continues with frantic efforts to escape your grips, wedging themselves in the doorway and refusing to enter the bathroom, let alone the bathtub. Once you get them in the tub, you can’t let go of them for even a second lest they hop out. And if they do manage to escape, you better hope it’s before you got them sudsy cause otherwise, between their furry footprints and their incessant need to shake all that water off, your floors and your walls are going to look like the inside of a car wash.

But say the word “walk” or reach for their leash, they’ll be on you like white on rice. They’re wagging their tail so hard their tush just might fall off. They’re bouncing around and read to go.

So while these two facts are true of nearly every dog, we’ve found one that is the hysterical exception to the rule. In this video, you’ll see Zeus, a Siberian Husky, who  has it all backwards. He hops into the tub and begs his owner for a bath, and then wails every time his owner refused to turn on the tap. Check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

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