Police Dogs in China Wait in Line For Their Food and It’s Absolutely Adorable


If you have a dog of your own, you know just how hard it can be to teach them anything even slightly more complex than “sit” or “heel”. “Roll over” can take hours, while “bring me a beer from the fridge” is just out of the question. Still though, it’s well know that dogs are far more intelligent than “sit” and “stay” and that with enough time, effort and dog treats, you can teach them all kinds of crazy things.

There are plenty of organizations that take advantage of dogs’ abilities to faithfully respond to commands, including those working with the military, the police and those working on providing assistance to people with disabilities. Recently, a user from the site “Reddit” posted a picture in the r/aww subreddit, which is dedicated entirely to adorable animals. The post landed tens of thousands of “ups” (the Reddit equivalent of Facebook’s “likes”), going totally viral. The picture shows Chinese police canines lined up to collect their lunch, with their bowls in their mouths, behaving with more etiquette than the Queen of England at tea time.

So yes, police dogs are really well trained and are even capable of helping in search and rescue situations, finding drugs, and even identifying explosives and weapons. But we always assumed that lunchtime was kind of a “break” for them. As it turns out, we were totally wrong.

Among the hundreds of comments on the original Reddit post, we found one particularly funny one from user jruhiman09: “That lab in the front looks like it’s a random dog trying to sneak in for some free food, hoping no one notices it.” A different user posted this next photo showing another line up of dogs waiting for their food. The dogs in the second photo are part of the border police in Finland. So maybe the phenomenon isn’t as rare as we thought.

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