30 Hilarious Photos of Innocent People Who Look EXACTLY Like Famous Stars


1The Turkish George Clooney

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They say that everyone has a doppelganger. It’s like a law of nature or something. Somewhere, maybe in Siberia, or Nigeria or Katamandu, there’s someone that looks like you. And while normal people may live their entire lives without finding that person, one tiny subset of the population has a much greater chance of finding their brother from another mother – people who look like famous stars.

The faces of famous stars are plastered everywhere we look – television, billboards, movies, magazines – so if you look like one of them, someone’s eventually going to notice.

But what’s even weirder than finding doppelgangers? It’s finding doppelgangers that are from different races and cultures. Luckily, we’ve collected quite a few of these bizarre match-ups for your viewing pleasure. Now you too can say you’ve seen the Asian Brad Pitt. Happy doppelganging!