Ten seriously cute babies who look exactly like emojis


Aside from being adorable, sleeping, eating and making their parents insane, babies and little kids have this incredible ability to make some of the silliest faces. Since they can’t yet speak, babies use their different facial expressions to let us know how they’re feeling and get what they need.

This next series of adorable photos shows babies with some seriously cute expressions that just happen to look exactly like some our favorite emojis that we use on a daily basis to spice up our texts and Instagram posts. If you ever wondered how anyone could come up with all those different Emoji faces, just watch a baby for 10 minutes and you’ll get the full range. 😉

What do you mean those crayons weren’t for eating??1

My pacifier fell and no one is picking it up for me! 2

But I want ice cream! 3

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Just wait till you see the present I’ve got for you in my diaper 4

I love you Mom 🙂  5

Too cool for school 6

Don’t tell Mom, okay? 7

What am I doing with my life? 8

Free kisses, right here. 9

No. It can’t be bedtime already! 10

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