This Wedding Photographer Slipped and Fell While Shooting the Wedding Party and the Result is Absolutely Perfect


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to wedding photography, nothing rings truer. Still, wedding photos have become so cliche that it’s hard to capture a really authentic moment on film. But when wedding photographer Chase Richardson went to take photos of the bridal party during one special wedding back in June, he somehow slipped mid-shot and like a true professional, still managed to click the shutter on his way down. The result? A super authentic tilted photo of a whole bunch of people looking super worried. 

“It had been raining all morning so I ended up photographing the wedding party under this covered slab of concrete basically,” Richardson told PetaPixel. “There were puddles everywhere, and when I took a step back to get ready for the photo I just… slipped and fell. Pretty embarrassing.”

But despite the embarrassment and despite the cut Richardson got from the shattered lens after the fall, something great came out of the story. The one and only Jimmy Fallon liked it so much he mentioned the picture on his show and it later went viral on Reddit, landing Richardson some seriously amazing exposure that will no doubt help out his business .

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