26 Genius Food Inventions You Probably Didn’t Know Existed


Despite the fact that eating is definitely one of the greatest things this planet has to offer, it can sometimes be a little annoying. You know, like when you have to carry all the little ketchup cups with your french fries, or when you don’t know how to use chopsticks but that’s all they have at the Chinese restaurant, or when you don’t know which bananas to take cause you’re not sure if they’ll last more than a couple of days.

But have no fear. Where there’s a problem, there’s someone out there in the world working their butt off to fix (and make a buck while they’re at it). We’ve collected 26 food-related inventions that are so brilliant, it will make you wonder how no one thought of these before. Take a look!

The french fry/chicken finger bowl fits right on top of the drink cup, leaving one hand free to catch fly balls!

This avocado has a sticker on it that tells you when it’s ready.  

These chopsticks also serve as a fork and knife.   

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This supermarket cart has a magnifying glass to help patrons read the fine print on items in the store.  

A picnic table with spots for absolutely everyone. 

This spray bottle fits right into a lemon allowing you to spray a hint of lemon on anything you like.  

Keep your watermelon fresh! 

The bananas in this supermarket are arranged by their ripeness.  

In Asia, the Pringles come in a container with an easy lift dispenser.

This restaurant serves their fries in a container that fits perfectly in their tables.  

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Edible ice cream spoons.  

This restaurant serves coffee ice cubes in your ice coffee so your drink isn’t watered down.  

This cafe explains the differences between the various drinks they serve.  

This pub in Prague serves drinks by train. 

These drink cups let you carry multiple beers at the same time.  

A fork with a built in tooth pick

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This chip cone has a spot for sauces.  

Coke ice cubes so your coke isn’t watered down. 

This restaurant uses legos to know which tables are occupied.  

A vending machine for farm produce 

Mango stickers that tell you when it’s the ripest 

The bathroom in this restaurant has scented and unscented soaps so your hands don’t smell flowery while you eat.  

Cup o’ Noodles with a built in strainer.  

This cafe lets their customers know which part of the brownie they’re buying.  

A gum container with a place to keep the gum you toss.  

Wine bottle covers 🙂  

Via: BoredPanda