Funny: These Guilty Dogs Are Sure Their Owner Doesn’t Know What’s Up


The two crazy-cute dogs that appear in this next video manage to hide their guilt when their owner pretends not to know about the havoc they wreaked while he was out. He’s excited to see them and they are happy to oblige. But as soon as he reveals that he knows what they’ve done, they can’t hide their guilty faces fast enough. Check it out:


The video is super cute, we have to admit. But it’s good to know that this kind of behavior from animals (chewing and destroying objects while the owners are out of the house) typically stems from separation anxiety. There are ways to fix this in addition to lots of love and affection when you are home. It’s important to give your dog toys that they are allowed to play with while you’re out of the house. That will help your fuzzy little bundle of energy keep himself occupied while you’re away and protect your brand new shoes. 🙂