This Camera Caught a Woman Giving Birth in the Car on the Way to the Hospital


There are tons of stories about people who don’t make it to the hospital in time and give birth at home or somewhere along the way like in an ambulance. But it’s rare to actually get a glimpse of something like that. And while babies are born every minute of every day, rarely do women even have an opportunity to deliver large babies naturally. As soon as the doctor’s estimate places a baby north of 8 pounds, they usually start considering a C-section. So with all that in mind, we’re pretty sure that this next video isn’t something you see every day. The movie starts out 45 minutes into the very pregnant couple’s drive to the ER and *spoiler alert* ends with Mama delivering a 10 pound baby, all by herself, right in the passenger’s seat. WARNING: the miracle of life is beautiful but very graphic. Watch at your own risk.


The couple were on their way to a birthing center in Houston, Texas when suddenly, the water broke and the sweet baby wiggled his way into the world in just a few short seconds and all of it was recorded on a GoPro camera.

As you can see, despite the moments of panic and pain, the new mom handled the situation pretty gracefully. The new dad was also pretty cool, calm and collected, considering the situation.

At the end of the incredible video, which has already landed more than 50 million views on YouTube, the father asks jokingly if they still need to pay for the birthing center. The little boy is the couples third child – they have two girls already. We’re wondering how this little munchkin will react when he sees his own birth a few years down the road.

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