28 Then and Now Photos of Animals That Grew Up Together


1Now and Then

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Anyone who’s ever adopted a puppy knows how it goes: you go to sleep one night, cuddled up next to a tiny ball of fluff that looks like a stuffed animal and when you wake up in the morning, that little puppy has turned into a giant furry ball of energy with no self control.

It’s not a secret. Everything goes by faster when it comes to pets. One of our years is about seven for a dog and within a short time after adopting them, you can barely remember that little creature you picked out to be your best friend.

This incredibly sweet series of photos shows 35 animal friends as babies, and then just a couple of years later when they’ve already become inseparable. On the menu today: dogs and ducks, cats and porcupines, cheetahs and mice. Check out all this sweetness:

Juniper and Moss have been best friends since the day they met.

The three musketeers

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“I found a pair of tabby cats under my building…they can’t keep their hands off each other.” 

“Two puppies…then and now. I think I forgot to water the white one.” 

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