The 4 Minutes in this Next Video Result in a Heartbreaking Ending You Just Can’t Miss


We have to admit it. When we sat through this video the first time, we didn’t really understand the point. It was only when we reached the final, heart breaking scene that we understood just how powerful the previous four minutes truly were. We don’t want to ruin it for you. So just scroll down and hit play. You can thank us after.


The moving short film produced by Deadline Pictures and directed by Sophia Zembary, shows the relationship between an adorable red-head little girl and her sister and parents. Slowly, it becomes apparent that the girl is a sort of “black sheep” in the family, and despite the fact that she shows them love and affection, their interest in her dissipates quickly and even breeds contempt.

The final scene of the short film comes like a punch to the gut, but unfortunately, it happens again and again, as people continue to adopt pets without recognizing the incredible responsibility associated with it. And despite the best of intentions, pets continue to suffer. The incredible film was made at the bequest of Zoetis, a veterinary pharmaceutical company, and their objective is clear. They are asking the public to think twice before they adopt a pet and make sure that it’s something they can handle.

If you have a pup of your own, and the final scene broke your heart, too, we invite you to share this video and remind people just what it means to abandon a pet.

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