28 Times Kids Did Completely Innocent Things That Looked Dirty To Adults


It’s a well known fact that children are super cute. But have you ever stopped for a minute to think about what it is that makes them so cute? It’s definitely not their temper tantrums or bathroom habits and we’re pretty sure it’s not the fact that they’re essentially human alarm clocks gone haywire during the first 3-odd years of their lives. No, it’s the fact that they are so innocent and completely unaware of most of the things going on around them.

For the most part, it’s sweet and adorable. But every once in awhile, they wiggle themselves into seriously awkward situations – not for them, of course, but for the adults around them. We’re talking about their totally oblivion to the fact that they sometimes draw, say or make things that look absolutely filthy, and as adults, we simply have no way to handle the situation gracefully. Is it embarrassing? Yes. Is it hysterical? Absolutely.

So here are 29 little kids who did something totally inappropriate and had absolutely no idea. Check it out:

“My daughter asked me to take her picture giving Rafiki a kiss.”

“My girlfriend’s son started running around the house with this in his hand screaming ‘I found the golden ticket!'”.  

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“My little brother wanted to be a dinosaur for halloween.” 

Loves the boob. 

“I found my son sitting in front of the TV like this.” 

Just checkin’ what’s inside.

“The most spectacular photobomb ever.” 

“My daughter had her photo taken with all the Disney princesses and touched each and every one of their boobs.”

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When your sex toy ends up in the wrong place. 

“My nephew made an Easter tower.” 

“My daughter doesn’t understand why I won’t let her take the ‘jump rope’ to school.” 

“My son decided to use my ‘fishing rods’ in the tub.” 

“My son always stares at my boobs when I get out of the shower, but today he had this look on his face” 

“My nephew ran away from me in an antique shop. I found him like this.” 

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“My son just started first grade and was playing with a word puzzle. He came to find me to tell him what word he had written” 

I took my son, age 2.5, to an art gallery. 

My daughter tried to help make breakfast. She ended up making a biology lesson. 

Just found this photo of my little brother.  

My little sister is an incredible artist.  

My four year old made cookies an didn’t understand why no one wanted to eat them. 

My son came home from school with the “rocket” he made.

My daughter made a “fish” in art class.  

“My son is clearly a little me.” 

Poor planning. 

My little sister doesn’t know how to write…and yet, somehow… 

My little sister came out of her room and said that she made cotton candy out of balloons. 

The neighbor’s son is getting an early start.  

Via: BoredPanda