Funny: This is What These 1-Year-Old Twins Do When They Hear Their Mother Through the Baby Monitor


Judy, the mother of two adorable little twin girls, put them to sleep in their beds and went about her business. When she looked down at the video monitor to check that they were okay, she found that instead of going to sleep, the pair of one-year-olds had decided to have a pajama party, talk and play. But when she used the monitor’s microphone feature to talk to them, the result was absolutely hysterical. Without pause, the girls pretend to be asleep without knowing that they’re being videotaped.

“I rarely talk with the girls through the baby monitor. But when I do, this usually happens,” wrote the mother on her Facebook page where she published the video that has already garnered more than 300 thousand “likes” and 22 million views.  Have a look.