22 Photos of Kids Who Are Absolutely Convinced They’re Just Family Pets


Babies and puppies have at least one thing in common – they love to steal the show. And the only thing better at stealing the show than a baby or a puppy? That’s right – a baby and a puppy. The interactions between the two are sweeter than sugar and we’re not sure about you but we can’t get enough of ’em. We’ve written more than once about just how important it is for kids to grow up with pets but what we failed to mention is that after enough time together, they start to behave the same – almost like Mowgli in the jungle book – and we’ve got 22 photos that prove just how adorable it is.

WARNING: If you’re a germ freak, this post might not be your cup of tea. Your loss!

Four kittens lapping up some milk. 

Nap time

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We’ve all got paws.

Monkey see, monkey do.

Adorable but please can someone put that kid in a car seat?!?

Yummy yummy, in my tummy. 

Perfect fit.


Feline yoga

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There’s plenty for both of us 🙂 

There’s nothing like rolling in the grass

Sunny side up!

Okay, we don’t condone this one.

Whatchya doin?

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Three lifeguards and a baby

Hittin’ the hay

Read me a bedtime story

We can’t wait to see a photo of the two in 10 years 🙂 

Patiently waiting.

No one can get my snacks while I’m in here!

Happy campers