Amazing: This Guy Started Singing While Waiting For His Train on the London Underground and Then This Happened


Location: the London Underground. Time: Just a little while after a concert by the famous pop band Erasure in London. One of the band’s satisfied fans, an amateur singer named Neil Francis, was waiting for his train with a couple dozen other passengers. Francis had yet to recover from their obviously amazing concert when he broke into song, singing their infamous hit “A Little Respect” that you probably know and love.


Surprisingly, within just a few seconds, the platform became a massive sing-along with tons of total strangers backing up Francis’s stunning a cappella performance. We’re guessing that it was especially successful because most of the passengers were also on their way home from the concert. “I love the sound of the acoustics in the tube station, so I though ‘give it some’,” Francis told the BBC. “It went mental and got louder and louder.”

Francis, himself a singer, performs at venues in rural London and admits that he had had a few drinks beforehand. “People asked me to keep singing once we got on the train,” he said. We can see why.

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