This Girl Takes the Heavy Makeup Off Bratz Dolls and Shows Us All That Natural Beauty Is A Real Thing


Sonya Singh, a 35-year-old Australian artist, has a special hobby. She collects old Bratz dolls from second-hand stores and gives them a second chance at life by fixing them, taking off their excessive makeup, repainting their faces and dressing them in simple clothing. And the result is simply beautiful.

When you look at pictures of the dolls that Sonya fixes, it’s like looking at rehab before and after pictures. The final product is clean, sweet, and truly beautiful. 1

Her project is not just a wonderful example of upcycling and reusing old objects for new purposes – it also gives new meaning to the concept of “natural beauty” as well as the perhaps less-than-educational values that we teach young children when we buy them these dolls.

Her project went from being a minor hobby to being a huge success and she is fielding orders for her re-vamped dolls that are coming in from all around the world. We chose 20 of our favorites from before and after “rehab”. For more pictures, check out her Facebook page (link at the end of the post). 2 3 4 5 105 116 124 134 144 154 164 174 184 194 55 85 203

In this video, Sonya talks a little bit about her hobby that has become a huge success and shows the rehab process.

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Tree Change Dolls – the official Facebook page.