What Happens to an Uneaten McDonald’s Hamburger After 14 Years?


If we offered you a week-old hamburger for dinner, chances are you wouldn’t touch it. If we offered you a year-old hamburger, you wouldn’t eat it even if you were starving. So what would you say to a 14-year-old hamburger? Before you head to the bathroom to hurl up whatever you had for breakfast, you have to hear this next story.

David Whipple, a Utah native, appeared as a guest on the talk show “The Doctors”, where he presented a serious scientific finding: a burger from 2003. In an interview with the scientist, he says he purchased the hamburger 14 years ago as part of an experiment he did with some colleagues trying to prove that the burger would last for a month. But like all great scientists, David forgot about the little experiment and only rediscovered the patty after two years. But when he finally found it, he decided to keep the experiment going. For another 12 years.

Shockingly, after 14 years, the hamburger looked exactly the same as it did on the day it was sold. These findings are pretty worrisome if you consider that normal, digestible food doesn’t last like this. But Kenji Lopez, a researcher, reached a different conclusion. “The reason the burger lasted this long is because of its large surface area which allowed it to dehydrate quickly. Bacteria couldn’t survive on it long enough to cause decay.”

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By the way, this isn’t the first time one of these experiments has been performed. Melanie Warner, a researcher and author, performed a series of food experiments in which she compared fast food to regular home cooked food. The results are absolutely shocking. You can see one of her photos here: