These Monkeys Were Convinced That Their New Friend Died and This Was Their Incredible Response


It doesn’t matter where you stand when it comes to Evolution – whether you’ve accepted that we are directly related to primates or convinced that we are the product of divine creation – there’s a pretty good chance that after you see this next video, you will have a hard time denying that we share some pretty serious traits with monkeys.

This next clip was taken from the BBC One’s Spy in the Wild series, which places animatronic animals with cameras in their eyes out in the wild and then waits to see what happens. The result is stunning, granting us a unique look into the world of animals that we rarely have an opportunity to see up close. When the BBC tried the project with Langur monkeys, the result was particularly moving.

monkeys grieve

Initially, the social creatures are interested in their new young friend, even trying to interact with it. Later, they decide to adopt him and one of them takes a particular liking to the little creature. He holds the creature which slips from his grip and falls, laying lifeless on the ground.

Their response is nothing short of incredible. They immediately begin grieving, comforting each other and gather around just like you might expect of humans.

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