This Mother Photographed Her Newborn Twins Because She Knew Their Time Together Would Be Short


Lots of parents do portrait sessions with their newborns. It can be pure magic to capture those first few days of parenthood. But the story of Lyndsay and Matthew Brentlinger was a little different than most. 

That’s because along with all of the joy that usually comes when a new baby is born, or in this case two new babies, there was a heavy cloud of sadness. The portraits they took with their two beautiful babies, William and Reagan, was also a way to say goodbye. 

Last December, Lyndsay gave birth to the twins, a boy and a girl, after years and years that the couple had tried, unsuccessfully, to conceive. Sadly, William was born with a rare heart defect that allowed only half of his heart to function properly.  

Lyndsay and her husband Matthew were informed of the heart defect when she was 23 weeks pregnant. They were told that one of their twins wouldn’t be able to survive and they should be prepared that the baby might be still-born.  

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Surprisingly though, William survived the pregnancy and labor and even managed to live for another 11 days, until he passed away. Matthew, the father, said that those 11 days were the happiest days of their lives.  

The parents bravely decided to take advantage of the short time they would have with the babies together and arrange a special photo session for them. 

The family contacted a professional photographer who held a special photoshoot just before Christmas. She wasn’t afraid to take on the task and said she was happy that she could help the parents preserve their son’s memory.  

The result was moving and sweet. “I cried the first time I looked at them. I still cry sometimes,” said Lyndsay.  

“They’re just beautiful and you can really see William wide awake with his big beautiful eyes. It’s something we will definitely cherish.”

It’s hard to imagine the terrible pain felt by parents who know that they only have a very short time with their baby who is alive and breathing in their arms. That’s why it is so difficult to look at these beautiful photos. For now, though, Reagan and her parents have a wonderful reminder of William. 

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