Two years ago, 83-year-old photographer Ken Heyman received a phone call telling him that he had to collect his things from a storage facility that was closing down. Of all of the things he had amassed there, one box proved to be a real treasure.

The dusty container, labeled “Mothers” contained dozens of wonderful vintage black and white photographs that capture moments of motherhood from all around the world. The pictures were taken as part of his work on the Pulitzer nominated book Family, which he wrote with anthropologist Margaret Mead and that was published more than 50 years ago.


Heyman took the series of incredible photographs while visiting dozens of countries around the world and they include moments of motherhood from all different cultures.

Although the photos were taken more than 5 decades ago, the mothers in the pictures are just as relevant as ever. Our world may have moved forward in so many ways but the profession known as “motherhood” has remained unchanged, and this wonderful connection between a mother and her child remains a constant source of beauty – still just as moving, mesmerizing and magical as ever. Here are 40 of our favorites from the box:

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Via: Huffington Post