This Girl Wore A Necklace Her Boyfriend Gave Her For an Entire Year Without Knowing the Unbelievable Secret It Contained


Long before every marriage proposal comes the oh-so-important stage of finding the perfect ring. This requires not only knowing exactly what your girlfriend loves, but also keeping the whole thing a total secret.

Terry, an awesome dude from Australia, met his girlfriend Anna two years ago and knew almost immediately that they would be together forever. So he did what any normal guy does when he finds love at first sight – he went out an bought a ring. While he could have hidden it a friend’s place or deep down in his sock drawer, he had a better idea.

It all started two years ago. Terry met Anna and the couple began dating. Their love blossomed and Terry decided to give his girlfriend a gift – a necklace with a charm he made by hand. 

Terry carved the charm out of a special kind of wood called Lagarostrobos which is only found in Tasmania – one of the small islands south of Australia. 

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Anna loved the necklace and wore it around her neck nearly every day for an entire year. Little did she know, the necklace contained a special surprise. 

Terry, who must have realized from the very first moment that Anna was the one for him, hid a wedding ring right inside, which he planned to pull out at exactly the right moment. 

And then, while celebrating their second anniversary, they went to explore the Smoo cave in Northern Ireland, a spot they had always talked about visiting. 

Terry asked Anna for the necklace, whipped out a knife and cut the charm in half revealing an engagement ring that had been there all along. 

Anna was swept off her feet and shocked all at once. “Wait, it’s been in there the entire time?” she asked. “I could have LOST IT you F******* idiot!”

So this is one of the most original proposals we have ever heard of. And probably also one of the most dangerous. Considering all the ways that this could have gone wrong, it’s a flat out miracle it didn’t. Congrats to the happy couple!

Via: Huffington Post

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