20 isolated vocal tracks you need to hear right now


With all of the work that goes into putting out an album, vocals can get lost in the wood work. Between the instruments, the computer modifications, auto-tune and processing, we rarely hear the true talent behind in the singer’s voice. But someone out there has done something brilliant. They’ve removed everything but the vocals track in these 20 famous songs. And the result? Stunning, clean and even chilling versions of the songs we know and love. You can close your eyes and imagine the singers standing in the middle of a dark stage under a single spot light, no accompaniment, no audience. And it’s beautiful. Have a listen.

Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit

Probably the song that we most closely associate with Nirvana, with grunge in general and maybe even with the 90s overall has been stripped of all its sound and we are left with just Kurt Cobain singing the most depressing and mesmerizing text you could imagine. This song, by the way, was the one that started the vocal track isolation trend on YouTube, about five years ago.

Territorial Pissing

Let’s stick with Nirvana’s fantastic album Nevermind for this one too. This time, it’s Cobain singing Territorial Pissing, one of the most brutal songs on the album. Wait for the screaming at the end of the song to get out all that anger.


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Eminem – Lose Yourself

Every once in awhile, someone from the music industry will wake up and try to convince us that rap is not music but rather someone talking. But if there is anyone out there who can do what they do without any musical back-up, it’s Eminem. That’s probably why this vocal version of Lose Yourself is so amazing.

Queen and David Bowie – Under Pressure 

One of the greatest songs of the 80s, and it sounds totally different without music. But of course, we wouldn’t expect anything less from Bowie and Queen.

Radiohead – Creep

Our personal favorite. Just listen. It’s perfect.


Destiny’s Child – Survivor

Destiny’s Child, also know as Beyoncé and the other two who no one else remembers. Listen all the way through. It’s good.

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Blondie – Heart of Glass

Not impressed with Debbie Harry’s skills here? We suggest you trying singing it. Not so easy, is it?

Beach Boys – Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

This song, even though it’s been used and abused by every crappy commercial ever, is really good. And it’s all thanks to the harmonies that these guys put together. We didn’t need the music anyway.

Beach Boys – God Only Knows

And another fantastic version of one of their songs from their album, Pet Sounds.

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Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun

Chris Cornell is just fantastic in this song. You’re welcome to fill in the drumming on your own.


Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse of the Heart

On the one hand, it’s pretty played out. But on the other hand, just listen.


The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army

This song sounds bizarre without the music. But we like it.


Paul McCartney – Maybe I’m Amazed

We all know that Paul McCartney knows how to sing. But this naked version is particularly fantastic.


The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter

Mick Jagger and Merry Clayton in a fantastic duet.

Marvin Gaye – I Heard It Through the Grapevine

Marvin Gaye, clean, pure and without any backup singers. Perfect.

Whitney Houston – How Will I Know

Whitney Houston at the start of her career which, in our opinion, was also her peak. Just listen to this.