This 4-Year-Old Leukemia Patient “Married” Her Nurse and It’s Just the Sweetest


Abby, the sweet little girl in the photos, is just four years old. But for a quarter of her short life, she’s been battling leukemia and undergoing treatment at Melody’s Center in New York. 

Despite her illness, Abby’s optimism remains sky high and most of the time, you can find her smiling and happy, in no small measure thanks to the support of her family and the medical staff at the hospital. 

During her stay at the hospital, Abby developed an especially strong bond with one of the nurses in Pediatric Oncology – a young man named Matt Hickling. Recently, their relationship reached the next level when Abby decided she wanted to marry him.  

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Abby announced her plans to marry Matt to her mother. Her mother relayed the plan to the nurse who immediately started planning. 

The hospital staff worked around the clock to throw the wedding together at the last minute.  

Abby carried a bouquet of roses and wore a pretty dress and veil. Matt wore a sharp tuxedo tee.  

As soon as Abby arrived, the ceremony began. 


Matt asked her, “Will you take me to be your husband?”

“Yep!” exclaimed Abby, giving him a big hug.  

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The ceremony was complete with ring pops and a wedding cake.  

They even set up a pink “Just Married” buggy (though it only has space for the bride).  

“This day will hopefully be one our patient and her family can always look back on and smile when days are tough,” wrote Matt on his Facebook page. “I know I will!”

Via: BuzzFeed

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