32 Pictures That Prove Just How Messed Up Our Generation Really Is


I definitely don’t love admitting it, but we all know the truth: this generation (and I don’t care if you’re 50, 30 or 3 years old) is addicted to technology and social networks. We can survive for two weeks without food and water but we can’t survive 10 minutes without checking Facebook, sending a mindless text message or taking yet another selfie.

This series of illustrations, the beautiful work of designer and animator Ajit Johnson contains some super clever posters that illustrate our generation’s illnesses perfectly, offering precise commentary about our bizarre and often terrible habits that we’ve developed. Some are reflections of the crazy pace of technology today in the world, but all in all, they show us how we’re simply becoming dumber.

So if you’ve ever gotten a text that says, “Awake?” from your parents in the middle of the night, and if you stopped using words and communicate almost entirely through Emojis, if you run your life through your Facebook status updates and if the last intense discussion you had was in the comments section of an infuriating post online about politics or veganism, changes are that you’ll identify with these illustrations. How does the saying go? “May the force be with us”.



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