21 Pictures That Will Convince You That Penguins Are The Most Adorable Creatures On The Planet



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Penguins are adorable. They’re little, furry, flightless birds that waddle. How could you not love them? These pictures of penguins in their natural habitats will send you googling “how to adopt a penguin”.

Beyond being super-photogenic, penguins are considered some of nature’s best parents who take great care of their offspring. After the female lays an egg, it’s the dad’s job to sit on it and keep it warm and the lady-penguin heads out to find food. The father doesn’t leave the egg until mama comes back. The males share parenting duties with the females even after the two months of incubation before the little fluff ball emerges from the egg and the dad doesn’t eat anything throughout the entire time.

We’ve collected 21 perfect photos that will convince you, without a doubt, that these are definitely the sweetest animals in the world. We still can’t figure out, though, how they manage to be so cute when they’re freezing their butts off in Antarctica.

The parents share parenting duties, even during incubation.
They are land animals but they go in the water to hunt for their food. 
Penguins are flightless birds.