This Pet Groomer Caught Dancing With A Client’s Dog Will Melt Your Heart


Do you love your job? No, we mean really love your job. If you said yes, answer this: Do you love your job so much that you dance while you do it? No? That’s what we thought.

58-year-old Luis Antonio Cavallaro, the manager of a dog grooming shop in Buenos Aires, Argentina seems to really love his job. Even though some of the dogs can be hard to handle (bathing a dog is a nightmare, as anyone with a dog probably knows), Cavallaro doesn’t seem to mind.

A few months ago, his wife (who works with him in the grooming shop, caught him dancing with a shampooed poodle to the tune of Love Shack by B52 and decided that she just had to share it with the world. And we are so glad she did. This is one of the sweetest things we’ve seen in a long time. See for yourself.

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